Pills vs. Exercise

No looking back now! The gym membership has been purchased (daycare included) so it’s a done deal. I’ve worked out twice since we paid for the membership on Friday. My mood is already a hundred times better than before. And I learned if I just loosened the laces on my new shoes, my feet wouldn’t hurt so bad. Who knew??

My eating wasn’t the greatest on the weekend but I kept it in check. I didn’t lose any weight but I didn’t gain any either. Glass half full right? I am down 5 lbs since April 19. That equates to a little more than 2 lbs a week – not too shabby.

I’ve also been taking a large-ish dose of vitamin D and calcium with magnesium which I am sure has helped my mood a bit. At my last physical in October, my doctor told me that I was vitamin D deficient which wasn’t a huge surprise living in a cold, northern climate and not getting enough sun exposure. The problem with vitamin D supplements was that I was getting horrible headaches after taking them. I even tried taking them right before bed and I would wake up with a headache. I started taking them again just before I go to bed and I seem to be handling them better this time around.

So my pre-bedtime regimen of pills/vitamins :

30 mcg of Vitamin D

333 mg of Calcium, 167 mg of Magnesium (also includes another 15 mcg of vitamin D3)

150 mg. Lamotrigine

25 mg Seroquel

I’m not sure if better moods are from pills or exercise – probably a little of both but I’m putting more money on the exercising. I am off to the psychiatrist tomorrow.